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12 NOV - Media Coverage

Hijras rendered homeless
By: Savie Karnel
Date: 2008-11-12

A police diktat has left hundreds of hijiras homeless in the city.

The Amrutahalli police station issued a notice to house owners in Dasarahalli asking the landlords to meet the police inspector.

The police notice dated November 9, 2008, has been issued by the Inspector, Amrutahalli Police Station to house owners in Dasarahalli. While the owners were entitled to rent out their houses to hijras, it had come to the notice of the police that immoral activities were being carried out in their houses.


In this connection, a criminal case was registered in Sampigehalli police station and an inquiry initiated. Those who were named in the police notice were asked to appear before the police failing which they would be held responsible.

The landlords have asked the hijiras to vacate the houses. "Yesterday, my landlord suddenly asked me to leave. I was in a fix and didn't know what to do. I was on the streets with my things. I dressed up as a man and I am now staying with a friend. I had paid Rs 5,000 as advance. But the landlord has cut Rs 2,500 and given the rest. Now I have to collect money for the advance of another house," said Jacinta, who does not want to disclose her name out of fear that she may not get another house.

Sarita (name changed) could not find an auto to travel and ferry her belongings. "Auto drivers refused to take me saying that we kidnap children. I was left in the lurch. I too am looking for a house now. I don't know if I will get any. The police and the media have made generalisations and accuse us of forcibly castrating children and pushing them into prostitution. It is not true," she said.

'Don't generalise'

Madhumita, who does not want her name changed like others, said the police were victimising them.

"Let the police investigate into what actually happened in Sampigehalli. Why are they generalising? We have a right to live. You cannot just ask anyone to vacate. Where will we go? I do not have friends and am living in a lodge. Just this morning, my landlord said that I had to vacate. The police threatened the landlords verbally, telling them to make us vacate the house. Nearly 400 hijiras have become homeless," she said.

Campaign for Sex Workers and Sexual Minorities Rights, a collective body of organisations fighting for sexual minorities, has urged the police to withdraw the notice.

Landlords pressure transsexuals in Dasarahalli to vacate homes

Clyde D'Souza
Action follows castration of under-aged boy in which accused is transsexual

Police had issued notices to house owners to 'take action' against their transsexual tenants

We are not harassing transsexuals: police

BANGALORE: Several transsexuals residing in Dasarahalli area were rendered homeless on Tuesday after being pressured by their landlords to vacate their homes.

This action is attributed to the fallout of a case reported last week involving the illegal castration of an under-aged boy.

The area is home to a number of transsexuals and the Amruthahalli police had issued notices to the house owners to "take action" against their transsexual tenants.

Leaders of the transsexual community, who have been complaining of harassment, say the entire community is being targeted though they had no role in the crime.

While a couple of transsexuals vacated the houses before 5 p.m., the deadline set by the owners, several others waited nervously in front of their houses, worried about their future.

Though the police deny visiting the area, The Hindu is in possession of a copy of the notice the police issued personally to the house owners on Sunday. "We are a peaceful community and around 100 of us live here. The owners of around 40 houses have received the evacuation notice which states that action will be taken if they do not comply," Kanta, who has been rendered homeless, told The Hindu.

"We have been living here for nearly seven years with no problems. The owners support us and have no issues with us since rent is always paid on time."

People like Smitha hope some non-governmental organisation will come to their aid.

"It is impossible to vacate our homes with no notice period. We too are human and must be given our rights. We are helpless and have nowhere to go."

Subha Chako, secretary of Sangama, a sexuality rights organisation, said: "The house owners say they have a good relationship with the transsexuals who are always prompt with their rent. Then why are they being victimised? There are no criminal cases against them."

Police denial

When contacted, Basavaraja Y. Malagatti, Deputy Commissioner of Police (North-East Division) said: "We are not harassing transsexuals. We have not even entered Amruthahalli. The house owners themselves are asking them to go as an innocent boy was kidnapped and his sex was forcibly changed by the accused, who is a transsexual."

Meanwhile, the Bangalore City Police have sent a team to Kadapa in Andhra Pradesh to arrest the doctor, Naganna, who is said to have conducted the sex reassignment surgery.

(Names of all transsexuals have been changed.)

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